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Knowledgeable and Thoughtful

Not too long ago I received notice from my mobile carrier that they would no longer be supporting my phone. I didn’t want to get a new phone. To me it’s so hard learning how to work a new one. But, I had to. My brother offered me to join his service. Since I was unhappy with mine, that sounded like a great idea. A couple days ago, my phone stopped getting texts from certain people. Then I received my new phone in the mail. I was excited to get it set up, but didn’t feel comfortable trying to do it on my own. I called one son. He wasn’t feeling well and we try not to be around sickness. He suggested trying my other son. I called him and he had to work late. He suggested calling my grandson. I called him and he came right over. He worked with me to get all the info from my old phone over to the new one. Then he showed me some cool tricks and settings. I stayed up way too late playing with it and figuring it out. But I really enjoyed the time with my thoughtful, smart, and helpful grandson.

I Found God today spending time with my helpful grandson.

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