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Still Pining

Today when my mom and I visited my dad, we found him dozing in front of the TV on the sofa. My mom sat down next to him and he woke up and said hello. He started talking all about some of his important life events. Most of them were memories of church involvement. He talked about being an altar server for 10 years and thinking he may want to become a priest. He also talked about my mom being the organist at every church they went to. A couple of times he asked if we were going to church today and I told him not on Tuesdays. On Sunday, he told us he realized his assignment there was to be the assistant to the chaplain. We talked about what an important job that was for the right person and that they had to be empathetic and caring. The day before that, he had a need to pray. So, we all prayed to Our Lady of Lourdes and blessed ourselves with holy water. To me, this is all evidence that while his body and mind are waning, he soul continues to pine for Our Lord.

I Found God today in my dad’s spirituality.

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