Home To God

My dad spent a couple of days in the hospital as the doctors did their best work. They and the nurses were so empathetic and caring. The neurologist was the same one who saw my dad 2 years ago when he had the stroke. He was an amazing, compassionate person who had honest, yet difficult, conversations. We sadly accepted that my dad was not going to be able to recover. There is one inpatient hospice facility in the city and our prayers were answered when we heard that my dad was accepted there. It was located in St. Francis Hospital, so when I walked in for the first time and saw the statue of Jesus along with the other religious art and the chapel, I cried. I knew my dad was in God’s hands. When the sun came up the next morning, the view from my dad’s window revealed a near full moon setting directly behind the mountain. I felt blessed and honored to take the photo he always wanted to capture of the moon touching the peak. The whole family arrived quickly. We were glad that everyone was able to talk to dad while he could still open his eyes. Even when he was non-responsive, my dad’s countenance changed when my mom was there and held his hand. After almost 70 years of marriage, he knew when she was present. All the nurses, workers, and volunteers in the hospice facility were wonderful. They not only made sure my dad was as comfortable as possible, but they cared for us as well. The family rotated hours, staying vigil with my dad for a long strenuous week talking to him, praying with him, attending to his physical needs, and listening to his favorite classical music. When Sunday morning came, we knew he had not much time left. Many of us spent a few moments alone with my dad and unknowingly passed along the same message – it was time to give back to God what belonged to God. We assured him that we would tend to his affairs just as he wanted and that we would continue to take good care of my mom. Later that night, my dad peacefully breathed his last and God brought him home.

I Found God today recollecting His presence as He prepared to bring my dad home.

6 comments on “Home To God

  1. Tammy,
    I am so sad for your loss. How blessed you were to have shared his life. This morning, I am flying to NH. My mom is in hospice. I am cherishing your beautiful words. My prayers are with you.
    Most sincerely,


  2. How beautiful to read the loving details as your family cared for your Dad. May God’s peace and presence be your comfort now and forever.


  3. How beautiful! God was with you all and you all felt His presence so deeply. Hold that thought, especially when you are missing your Dad.


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