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Waiting and Preparing

After my dad’s death, there was almost 2 weeks before his funeral. During that time, my brothers, sister, nephew and his wife spent the majority of time at the house with me and my mom. My sons, daughter in law and grandkids stopped by from time to time, and we video chatted with my sister whose husband was still recovering from his recent surgeries. We reminisced and told our favorite stories with my dad which went into the writing of the eulogy. We cried and laughed. Everyone helped to plan the funeral and did their part with the fine details. People cooked, cleaned, shopped, sorted mail, shoveled, cared for my mom, did home repairs, vehicle maintenance, and even did some remote work. It was beautiful to see how everyone used their talents to the benefit of the whole family as we prepared. We prayed together. We even made time for some fun along the way. Tension and emotions ran high at times, but everyone seemed to figure out ways to deal with it. Mostly, we supported one another. I felt very blessed to be surrounded by the people I love most. I think we did my dad proud.

I Found God today in my family.

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