Spiritual Perspective

My dad had been declining since his big fall on Friday. He ended up back in the ER yesterday. This afternoon I had a conversation with the doctor about decisions that will need to be made regarding his care once we see if or how much he may recover. After our talk I had to walk, so I roamed the halls of the hospital and came to the chapel. I went in and sat down facing the tabernacle. After about 2 minutes, the chaplain came in, arranged some things, and asked if I wanted to talk. I did. During our conversation, we compared raising children to caring for parents. I said it is easier to raise children as you are joyfully and hopefully preparing them for the next phase. As the words were coming out of my mouth I was made aware that caring for parents is exactly the same thing. I was humbled that God would use my own tongue to enlighten me. The chaplain said he would put my dad on the list to visit. Then he prayed with me. I was so grateful.

I Found God today getting a spiritual perspective.

2 comments on “Spiritual Perspective

  1. With our prayers for all of you each day as you faithfully share God’s love with your parents using your loving hearts and hands. Love Bob & Anita


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