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So Shiny

We are excited that there will be a lot of family here for Easter. So we have started to prepare. My mom wanted to make sure her wall hanging of the Last Supper was cleaned up, so I took it off the wall yesterday. It is a metal relief. My mom had used silver polish on it for years. We got out the polish, but it was hard as a rock. Luckily I had some new cleaning clothes and put them to use. We got the picture so clean and shiny, it is beautiful. My mom has the view of it from her place at the dining room table and loves looking at it. This morning our friend came over. We talked about mom wanting to shine the silverware. Our friend used a method of putting them in water with aluminum foil, salt, and water softener. I researched a little and found a similar method using boiling water, aluminum foil, and baking soda, which was what I had in the house. I went to run some errands and left them to the experiment. When I got home and opened the silverware drawer, I was almost blinded by the shiny forks, knives, and spoons. It was wonderful that we found methods of cleaning these items so easily so we didn’t have to meticulously scrub. My mom was very happy about that fact and that we got her items all cleaned up and ready.

I Found God in easy, gentle cleaning.

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