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Celebrating Earth Day

My mom and I talked a little this morning about how we could celebrate Earth Day. We knew we wanted to get out for a walk first thing as the wind was supposed to pick up. We decided it would be a good idea to pick up trash on the way, so I grabbed a bag and some gloves. As soon as we stepped outside, we noticed the buds on the bushes and little flowers that had bloomed in the grass. Mom was only up for a short walk, but I picked up almost half a bag of trash. Then we sat outside for a while and watched the planes and birds. I thought about how important it is that we co-exist and protect the world that God has put under our care. We have been blessed this year with a pair of red-tailed hawks who have built a nest in one of the nearby evergreens. It did get incredibly windy today and we were hoping that the nest was strong enough to hold up. This evening we heard a commotion and saw one of the hawks in the top of the tree appearing to be off balance. There was a lot of screeching and the bird flew out. Then we could see that it was holding something in it’s talons. Best guess we had was that the female was in the nest and the male was bringing her dinner. It took several attempts for the large bird to navigate flying into the 60mph gusts with talons full and a screeching mate, but he finally made it. That was a sight to behold. Once his treasure was delivered, things calmed down. And so did we. Later in the evening we watched an episode of “Welcome to Earth”, which we have been enjoying. It was a good day.

I Found God today appreciating His creation.

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