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Sharing Caring Heart

A friend and I planned on meeting for a hike this morning. I texted her and got no response. I called and got no answer. This was not like her at all, so I got a little worried and decided to just go over to her house. She called while I was on my way and explained. Every morning she walks with her dogs to a nearby park and meets a group of people and other dogs. The people visit while the dogs play. This morning, she went out as usual. On her way home, one of the ladies accompanied her and was pretty distraught. She asked if she could talk with my friend. Of course she said yes and invited her in. The woman said her mother was dying and her father was declining. They lived in another state and the woman didn’t know when she should go to see them. She was asking my friend about her faith and heaven and what happens when you die. My friend answered what she could, best she could. Before they departed ways, my friend prayed with her. It was a beautiful witness to someone who was in desperate need of some kind of peace.

I Found God today in my caring friend.

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