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Sister’s Conversing

My mom called her sister tonight. They both have a very hard time hearing one another, so tonight we decided to use my cell phone. Right from the beginning, they held a good conversation. My mom was talking especially loud and my aunt was also loud and clear. I was so happy it went well. They got caught up on the important stuff. After a while, my aunt said that she hears much better in the morning, certain that the brain is functioning better at that time too. She said that as the day goes on she finds herself having to turn up the TV and such. I think there is truth in that. When my mom is tired or having a rough day, she seems to have more difficulty hearing. As their conversation went on, my mom’s voice got quieter and she was not able to hear her sister any more. They agreed to call again earlier in the day. It was joyful, though, listening them chatting and laughing for a good long time.

I Found God today as my mom had a good conversation with her sister.

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