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The Sleepover

We were blessed to have 2 of my grandchildren stay with us for a couple of days. There was one little accident, but we all made it through. We played games, went for walks, watched the hawks, played pretend, and even did yoga. One of my grandson’s favorite games is Monopoly. We have a Star Trek version that we have been wanting to play, so we got that out. Somehow we still didn’t even have time to finish it, so we left it set up and put it in a safe place for next time. I had some good conversations with each of them. They had fun looking through a photo album with my mom and laughed at some of the pictures of their dad when he was young. My granddaughter danced as my mom played, “Bless the Beasts and the Children” on the piano. I thought that was particularly appropriate.

I Found God today spending good time with my grandchildren.

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