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Passing Through

I heard a story today that I loved. A young woman was in the airport with some friends having dinner before their flight. The gentleman who waited on them said he had been working there for 11 years. He loved his job now, but that wasn’t always the case. One day, the man realized that he felt unfulfilled in his job because he felt he was having meaningless conversations with people he would never see again. He decided to change that. From then on, he would get to know those that he waited on. The young woman said that she and her friends had real, somewhat deep discussions with the waiter and that she will never forget him. I think that is what we need so much in our world is to have meaningful conversations and relationships with one another. In the waiter’s circumstance, people were literally passing through. In our lives, we will experience all types of coming and goings in our relationships, but really we are all “just passing through”. We can do our best to realize the value of each person who enters our lives.

I Found God today reminded of the importance of real, meaningful relationships.

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