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All The T’s

My mom had an appointment with another new PCP today. Her nurse had the same name as my sister. When I told her my name, she said she had a sister with the same name. She also had a brother with the same name as one of my brothers. Turns out she was one of 4 children in her family who all started with T. I am one of 5 who all start with T. Only 1 of her siblings was different from mine. That was pretty funny.

As a bonus, her new PCP was a woman who cared for her grandparents when she was younger. She had also started an at home assisted living organization so elderly could stay home longer. She was empathetic and really wanted to get to know my mom. We felt comfortable with her, although my mom was exhausted after the visit.

I Found God today in a funny coincidence and a caring doctor.

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