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Back to the Cabin

My mom, sister, and I decided to make a trip to the cabin today. We knew it would be a bittersweet adventure. My mom and I went up briefly for a couple of hours a couple weeks ago. Other than that, the last time we went was over a year ago with my dad. He was in such a bad way at that time that he couldn’t remember the place. That was heartbreaking. We talked about wanting to see dad again, but whole and well. And we agreed that when we think of him now, that is how we envision him. When the 3 of us arrived today at the cabin, we were greeted by a long time friend. He visited for quite some time and made sure we were all set. He has been such a good friend. Things were different for sure, but the peace of the place remained. I was happy about that.

I Found God today in the peace of the cabin.

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