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Double Peace Signs

Now, this may sound strange, but it made me smile for several reasons. I was out and about today in the cool  drizzle and had to stop at a big box store. As I drove into the parking lot, a couple of people were entering the crosswalk in front of me, so I stopped. Everyone was looking down as they hurried along trying to keep the rain out of their faces. Two men approached the crosswalk, one was a couple paces behind the other. The first one looked up, saw I had stopped and waved the 3 fingered peace sign – the kind we see Jesus holding as a blessing in many pictures. That made me smile. As the second man started to walk through, he did exactly the same thing. Same gesture, same maneurism. I kind of felt that I had received a double blessing. That made me smile too. It occurred to me that they must have been son and father. I thought about how so many of our behaviors are conditioned by our families – for better or for worse. I thought about my own 2 sons who are 12 years apart in age. When you see them walking together, their gait is exactly the same, as are some of their gestures. That made me smile too.

I Found God today in double Peace Signs.

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