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Grandma’s Day

My mom looks at her calendar every day so she can keep track of what’s going on. A couple days ago she spotted “Grandparents Day” was approaching. She noted it every day and complained that nobody ever says anything about it or advertises for it. Perhaps it has become overshadowed by the terrorist attack on the same day, which is today. Mom acknowledged the “holiday” first thing this morning when she saw it on her calendar. She went into her drawer and pulled out her bedazzled shirt that reads, “Grandma, Another Word for Love.” She was excited to wear it all day in hopes to make more people aware of the special day. In the afternoon, we had our usual family Zoom session. My siblings usually participate, but my children rarely do. Today, both my son’s jumped on to say “Happy Grandma’s Day!” to her and my nephew called her as well. She was thrilled.

I Found God today in another way to acknowledge and show some love to my mom.

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