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Hopeful Healing

We have been praying for my mom’s friend’s son-in-law since he was diagnosed with Leukemia a few years ago. He has received several treatments with differing outcomes. Right now he is cancer free. It has been a long road and he has been very isolated to keep him as free as possible from diseases. Of course all of it has taken a toll not only on his body, but on his mind and attitude. Last week, he and his wife flew out for a visit and stayed with my mom’s friend. She came over today and had good news to report. Her son-in-law’s parents were celebrating a big anniversary. So he spent a lot of time out and about with family. He was an avid pickleball player and tried to dink the ball around a bit, but was surprised as to how weak he was. Even though he wasn’t near up to his former self, he was in very good spirits. And the mood carried on after they arrived back home. Our friend said that as she talked with him, he was sounding more like he used to. Getting out of the house and being active with his family made a huge difference in moving his recovery to the next level. While medicine can help to heal our bodies, being with others – especially family is encouraging to our body, mind, and soul.

I Found God today in healing.

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