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Back To High School

This week, my granddaughter has been doing a cheerleading camp with the local high school. Tonight they were all at the football game showing off their talents. I was so happy that my mom felt well enough and wanted to go. I packed up the wheelchair and off we went! When we entered the gate, one of the greeters gave my mom some “Spirit Towels” in the colors of the home team. Once in the stands, we spotted my granddaughter right away. She saw us too and waved and smiled a big smile. During the game, they whole group off kids did some cheers led by the high school cheerleaders. When they clapped and waved their pom-poms, I encouraged my mom to wave her spirit towels, which she did. My granddaughter was having such a good time and trying hard to get all the moves and timing correct. And she always put on that big smile. She was a joy to watch. And as a bonus, we saw the marching band at halftime before we left. Mom has always loved watching them. When we got home, she was exhausted, but thanked me for taking her to have such a fun time.

I Found God today in the joy of family.

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