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God, People, Things

My friend, the deacon, gave a great homily today at church. I think it’s great when I get a snippet that I can easily remember. He talked about how important it is to have our lives and priorities set in the right order regarding God, people, and things. First and foremost, we should worship God. We shouldn’t worship other people – for example celebrities, sports figures, or politicians. We shouldn’t worship things such as money, cars, or food. Next, we should love people. When we love one another, we are reflecting God’s love as well as acknowledging them as an equal creation of God. We love God, of course, but we do not love things. And finally, things are given to us to use. We use the things we have for the period of time that we have them, which is relatively short. Therefore, we need to be good stewards of the things we have and use. We shouldn’t use people and we shouldn’t try to use God to our own self-seeking ends. If we follow these suggestions, we will find true joy and peace. So, there you have it. Worship God, Love People, Use Things.

I Found God today in good advice on ordering priorities.

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