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Surrendering Trees

A friend of mine writes every day about the things she is grateful for. Her attitude of gratitude is refreshing and I look forward to reading her posts as I know I’m going to receive a beautiful outlook. The other day, she wrote a reflection on Fall: “I am grateful for the lessons the trees teach this time of year! The lesson of letting go. They know not to hold on and they surrender to the season of rest and rejuvenation that is before them.” Pam Thivierge. God does indeed place many lessons right at our fingertips if only we have the eyes and heart to acknowledge them. I loved that image and prayed that I could surrender to the seasons that come upon me. Perhaps it is time to begin another round of the Surrender Novena. I am grateful for my friend – for the gratitude she chooses and for sharing her thoughts.

I Found God today in a beautiful image of surrender.

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