Excited For Help

When we last visited my mom’s new primary care physician, she recommended a few sessions of in home therapies. The provider came today to assess mom and see how they could best help her. She was super nice, observant, patient, caring, and knowledgeable. My mom played the piano for her and she was very impressed. She said continually playing is the best thing my mom can do for herself. After watching and listening to my mom, the woman noted some areas that needed some work. But in general, she told my mom that she is doing great and to keep up the good work. She was very encouraging and my mom is looking forward to having some visitors who will help her to keep as strong and functioning as possible.

I Found God today in an encouraging home health visit.

2 comments on “Excited For Help

  1. Your Mom’s musical talents and love of music have blessed so many. I am always so happy to read that she is playing the piano. I remember her encouragement, even with my “rusty” sight-reading, to play a duet together when we visited several years ago. Love to Anita from Anita.


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