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The Shadowbox

My brother hand made a beautiful shadowbox to display my dad’s military certificate, medals, epaulettes, photo, and flag. It was truly a labor of love. He had never done anything like that before, but a friend who had all the tools and knowledge helped him work it out. He brought it with him and showed it to the family. Of course, we all got teary eyed. Then we had to decide where to put it. We basically left it up to my mom who was torn between putting it in her room or displaying it in the living room. After investigating several options, we didn’t really find a suitable space in the living room and Mom had said from the beginning that she wanted it in her room. She and my brother looked at the big wall and talked about what to move where. Then she had to rest. When she got up, she exclaimed that she knew the perfect place. The shadow box must go above her bookcase. She felt very strongly that is where it should go. It was decided.

I Found God today in my brother’s work of love and my mom’s epiphany for the placement of the memorial.

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