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Baby Giraffe

My mom loves the zoo. Actually, we all do. A couple weeks ago, my mom and I watched the video of one of the giraffes giving birth. It was amazing and horrifying at the same time. She gave birth standing up, so the poor little thing dropped about 6 feet to the ground. Evidently, that’s what gets the baby to start breathing. Nature is amazing. Today was a beautiful day, so my brother and I took our mom to the zoo. The first stop was the baby giraffe. It was fun to see her in real life. She was so cute and so small compared to the others and stayed close to her mom. My brother fed the giraffes, but we couldn’t talk our mother into it. There weren’t too many people there and because it is tucked into the mountain side, the sun stopped shining very early. It was fairly serene as we walked through and stopped to look at the animals my mom chose. Later in the evening, my mom asked what my favorite part was. My answer was the cute baby giraffe. No surprise that it was mom’s favorite as well. It was a blessing to all get out and enjoy the zoo again.

I Found God today enjoying the zoo.

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