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Mutual Respect

Today I stopped by one of my favorite restaurants to pick up lunch. I ordered ahead of time so all I had to do was go in and pick it up. I was very happy about that, as the place was jammed packed. My bag was in the pick-up area ready to go, so I grabbed it and headed out. The entrance has a double door and a young man in front of me was also on his way out. He passed through the first set of doors and stopped when he came to the second set. I could see an older woman was coming in. The young man held the door open for her. By that time, I had reached the first door and also held it open for her. She thanked us both as she entered the restaurant. I let the door go and the young man held the next door open for me as well. It was a simple act of kindness and respect, but it meant so much, especially since I have seen quite the opposite sometimes with my mom.

I Found God today in a young man’s act of kindness and respect.

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