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Dentist Buddy

I had a dentist appointment today – one of my least favorite places to go. But it was just for a cleaning at a new office. I met the hygienist for the first time who was super nice and wanted to chat. We talked a little, then she talked and I held my mouth open while she cleaned away. She told me about her kids and her 82 year old dad who was living on a ranch and still working it. She helped care for him at needed times, even though he lives in another state. During short cleaning breaks, I told her about my dad and caregiving challenges. When she was done, we had to wait for the dentist and chatted some more, and she started crying. I felt bad. But then when she walked me out, she said she was so glad we met and had so much on common and appreciated our conversation. You just never know how you may be touching someone’s life. I felt God put us there together and provided the additional time to talk.

I Found God today sharing a meaningful conversation.

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