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Magic Blazer

I made a trip to the cabin today and brought my 19 year old grandson with me. He loves it up there so was happy to go along for the ride. On the way up, we stopped at the most amazing donut shop that has been there for decades. We bought half a dozen and saved them. Before we took the last road to the cabin, I wanted to show him where the development ended and the more back roads started. It was obvious where the road maintenance stopped as we immediately came to a snowy, one vehicle wide road. I drove in further than intended as there was a truck behind us that I was hoping would turn off. He didn’t. I finally came to a spot where 2 cars could fit and pulled over. The truck came up and rolled down his window. He was looking for a plot of land that was for sale. We chatted a bit and I tried to be helpful. Then he kept straight on while I turned around and went to the cabin. When we got there, we dug into the donuts and I took care of some things. I showed my grandson all the things he had not explored and explained a lot of details about the house. We perused my dad’s annual journals that he kept with even more detailed information. And we looked through the guest book that dated back to the 1980’s. My grandson thought it was pretty funny to come across his dad’s childhood signatures. He said the cabin is like a big time capsule with all the old things still in it. That was an interesting perspective. He also said that he has always seen deer there every time he goes. On our way out, there were two deer right next to the house so we watched for a while. Every now and again the small buck would nudge his doe to keep her moving along. It was too cute. On the drive out, we stopped at the top of the hill with a beautiful view so my grandson could take a couple pictures. I mentioned that I was glad he came along for the educational adventure. He said it was like the Magic School Bus, but in the magical Blazer. He said being at the cabin is his favorite place to be. When I told my mom that, she cried tears of a joyful heart. It was a blessing to spend the day with my grandson and see things through his eyes.

I Found God today in my grandson.

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