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Prepare Ye

For the past week or so, we have been talking about the movie, “Godspell”. We always loved the music and sang a couple of the tunes. Neither mom nor I have the stamina to get to church, so we went downstairs to the big TV. The Mass we landed on was the one from the parish I used to work for. The Gospel reading told about John the Baptist identifying Jesus as the Son of God. John would preach the need to prepare for His arrival. When we got to the homily, the pastor started singing in his beautiful, boisterous voice, “Pre-pare Ye the way of the Lord…” from the musical “Godspell”. I love how God gets our attention. The priest then talked about how important it is for us to continue to prepare our hearts for Jesus’ coming. We will, in fact, meet Him face to face – either at our death or at his 2nd coming.

I Found God today in a beautiful connection.

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