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Survivor Tree

My sister went to New York to visit a friend and returned today. While she was there, they went into New York City and visited the site of 911 among other things. She showed pictures and talked about the “Survivor Tree”, which I had never heard of. Amongst the rubble of the aftermath of the 911 bombing, a mostly burned pear tree was discovered. At the same time, the tree showed signs of life. They dug it out and sent it to a nursery who brought it back to life. The tree was replanted in the 911 Memorial Plaza. “Today, the tree stands as a living reminder of resilience, survival, and rebirth.” What’s more, there is a seedling program. Several of the pear tree’s babies are now in places around the world where tragedy has struck to help those left remember and have hope. I loved the story, the intention, and the continued connectivity to share love around the world.

I Found God today in the story of the Survivor Tree.

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