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Holy Spirit Prevented Tragedy

Today I saw an amazing story about a pastor and former police officer who stopped some criminals by praying for them. One day, some young men entered the church during a service. As the pastor was preaching, he noticed they were carrying guns. He secretly alerted his team who locked the doors and called the police. As they waited, the pastor prayed for the young men, while keenly letting them know that he knew what they were up to. Some of the congregation knew what was happening, others did not. Eventually the police arrived and the young men were arrested. Evidently they had been involved in an armed robbery not too long before they walked into the church. The pastor felt like they were sent to his church for a reason. They were met with prayer and honesty, and he believes they will never be the same. It was a great story of love, grace, and the movement of God.

I Found God today in a pastor led by the Holy Spirit to prevent tragedy.

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