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Power of Music

A friend reminded me today of the difference that music can make in our lives. The lyrics to a song, such as I wrote yesterday, can touch our hearts. Combine the words with the movements of the melody and we can be swept away with thoughts, memories, and emotions – both good and bad. I spoke to another friend last night whose husband plays the bass fiddle. She said that the best musicians while going through the mechanics of playing the instrument, will allow the instrument itself to take over. While difficult to explain, that is where the emotion and true beauty of music is found. We can tell the difference between someone going through the motions of playing an instrument, and someone pouring their heart and soul into it. I have noticed myself recently how much I enjoy and miss listening to music. I am blessed to listen to my mom play the piano every day. But we don’t listen to anything else as it doesn’t sound good to my mother. Unfortunately, her hearing now is too distorted. When I am out running errands by myself, I will turn on the Christian music station which I do enjoy and know most of the songs. When I turn it up loud and sing along, crying out to God, it is rejuvenating.

I Found God today realizing the power of music.

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