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Spring Inside, Snow Outside

It was snowing outside today, so mom and I hunkered down in the house. The weather was warm the few days leading up to this storm and greenery was starting to make it’s appearance. A few trees had started to bud and if you looked hard enough, you could see some green grass among the flat, brown blanket. The iris leaves are popping up through the mulch and some are getting quite long already. The warmer weather had us yearning for Spring, but today, everything was covered in white. Yesterday, a generous friend brought over a couple of new puzzles as she knows how much my mom loves to work them. She and my mom started on the one that is in the shape of a butterfly. Mom and I had fun working on it for a while today and finished the frame. It was beautiful to behold as the snow fell.

I Found God today seeing the beauty of Spring inside and the beauty of snow outside.

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