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Cody’s Wish

Today my mom and I watched one of her favorite annual events – the Kentucky Derby. There were stories and other races leading up to the main event as usual. One of them was a story about Cody Dorman and the horse Cody’s Wish named in honor of the boy. Cody had a rare medical condition from birth. As he got older, his family was able to connect with the Make a Wish Foundation. His wish was to meet a race horse. His family was able to go to one of the ranches in Kentucky and of 40 foals that were there, one of them came up to Cody in his wheelchair and put his head in Cody’s lap. The two made a special bond that day and the owner named the horse after Cody. In the story, Cody himself who is now 17 years old, communicated through an electronic device that tracked his eye movements. He told of how the connection between him and the horse has changed his life and how grateful he is to God. The family was at the Kentucky Derby as Cody’s Wish was running in the Churchill Downs Stakes, just before the main race. After the network told the story, which I highly recommend, the race was on. Spoiler Alert – Cody’s Wish won. It was an incredible faith-filled story that left my mom and me in tears.

I Found God today in a beautiful story of a bond between a horse and a boy.

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