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Blessed Mother’s Day

The flowers started arriving yesterday. This morning, my sister came and brought more flowers. They were and will be such a joy especially for my mom. My sister also brought food and we had a lovely girls brunch. After that I went to Mass. The deacon gave a great homily. He told a story of when one of his kids was in college and had finished the semester. He was to spend a year abroad. The deacon’s wife went to help the young man pack. He was instructed to make 3 piles – 1 with things he would take with him, 1 with things that would be sent home, and 1 of the things that would go into storage. When the mother arrived, the deacon joked that there were 3 piles, 1 of dirty laundry, 1 of clean laundry, and 1 of questionable laundry. The mom asked why he didn’t do what he was asked. He said it was the end of the semester and had to get together with friends, and besides, he knew his mom was coming to help. Of course, the mother did get everything organized and helped to pack up everything. When they went to the storage unit, they found it to be not much more than a tin shed. So, they went and purchased some cellophane and wrapped everything up before they left it for a year. The deacon compared the mother’s actions to that of the Holy Spirit. Just like the loving mother, the Holy Spirit can come into our lives and help us make sense of the piles of stuff we have. It can protect us and make sure we are all taken care of. Just like the young man counted on his mom, we can trust that the Holy Spirit will be there for us. I loved the analogy. After Mass, I spent some time with my son and had lunch and a movie. It was a great day. Mom did very well overall today, which was the biggest blessing of all.

I Found God today in a blessed mother’s day.

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