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Resolving Another Frustration

As usual after a hospital stay, my mom received some new medications to take. When we visited her primary care doctor, he said to keep taking them and sent out an order. I checked on it yesterday and it was to be shipped out. Unfortunately, she was on her last dose. I started making phone calls to see if we could get enough to hold her over. After not hearing anything yesterday, I got on the phone again early this morning. There was a problem finding the specific drug at all in the city, but our normal pharmacy tracked some down at another location. After a few hours, I called them and learned that there was an issue with the insurance that needed to be resolved. I was told to call back in the afternoon. When I called back, I was on hold for almost an hour before I actually spoke to someone. The pharmacist said the problem was not yet corrected and that they would look into it and call me back. Figuring it would be a while, I went ahead and made dinner. By the end of the meal and not hearing back, I was getting frustrated once again. I decided to just take the trip down to the pharmacy and plant myself there until I got some medication for my mom. I was just getting my shoes on when the phone rang. It was the pharmacy. They spoke to the insurance company, got what they needed, and the prescription was ready to be picked up. I sang and danced and thanked God profusely.

I Found God today in a resolved problem and avoiding more frustration.

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