Calmed by Creation

Today I took my mom to another doctor’s appointment. This one was very frustrating as the communication with this doctor is always lacking and we never get help or answers or information when we need it the most, such as when my mom was having a difficult time in rehab. When I talked to the doctor about my frustration, she basically told me the problem was in those who answer the phones and I needed to talk with their manager. No apology, no follow up. My mom and I waited for the manager until we could wait no more. This afternoon, I received a call from the manager who did apologize and told me about more miscommunication between her, the doctor, and us. I could feel my blood pressure rising. When I hung up, I went out for a brisk walk. As I walked, I kept thinking about the situation and getting angry all over again. Not wanting to go down that road, I shook my head and looked at the mountains. I remembered some scripture I have been reading that focus on God’s creation. I decided that was a better way to occupy my mind. I looked all around to acknowledge the awesome living world. There were the birds, bees, butterflies, and squirrels. There were countless plants blowing in the wind and trees with multicolored leaves – some of which were swirling along the ground. I came to the park and watched a young woman playing with a toddler who was full of enthusiasm. School had just ended, so I shared the sidewalk with some high school youth laden with overloaded backpacks. A school bus stopped to let more energetic kids out who were crowing like roosters. The sidewalks were full of children and parents making their way home. When I returned to the house, I stopped for a moment and admired the mums that I planted in some pots last year that are now returning to life. I thanked God for all the creation that I witnessed and noticed that I was considerably more calm.

I Found God today by finding peace in pondering His creation.

4 comments on “Calmed by Creation

  1. Hi Tammy! I’m so sorry to hear about the issues with lack of communication between people involved in your moms care. Ongoing miscommunication is truly a problem! The doctor should never have brushed it off but should have reassured you it would be taken care of, not tell you to go to the Manager! And the Manager certainly should have said how sorry she is and that she would look further into what happen and make sure it doesn’t happen again!! Unacceptable! I’m frustrated for you and your parents! Would you be interested in looking into another practice? There must be trust in the relationship to know you are getting the best care for your mom! Wish I could help!

    Love Denise


    • Thank you so much, Denise. I have heard your exact comments from others as well. We are actually in process of looking for another doctor. I appreciate your empathy and always appreciate prayers. Peace!


  2. Hi Tammy….. Frustration was one of my sister Deb’s most frequent problems while taking care of Mom.  She had to always follow-up with someone and it took so long to get answers that it really started hurting her health.  The good news is she got to read my moms moods, body functions and general health problems and pluses.  Because she was with her all of the time she always looked at all of the above daily.   This helped her more than the occasional visit by the registered nurse.  I wish you all the best and I’m praying for you and your family daily.   Love…..Eva


    • Thank you so much, Eva. Being able to read what is going on with my mom (and my dad for that matter) is truly one of the blessings of being with them all the time. I can’t imagine trying to help facilitate their care in any other way. I so much appreciate your prayers! Peace!


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