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I read the scripture readings for Mass today and thought it was interesting and timely that the Gospel was about the apostles asking for vengeance. Then I read the reflection by Bishop Robert Barron, which I always find insightful. These are the words that struck me most:

“James and John (the sons of thunder) cry out: “Lord, do you want us to call down fire from heaven to consume them?” Can you hear echoes of this cry up and down the ages? . . . But Jesus turns only to rebuke them. Why? Because following him and his way of non-violence is more important . . . Our feelings for him have to go beyond even our justified feelings . . .”

I, like most others, have the horrific Las Vegas shooting in my mind. I hold the countless victims and their families in my prayers. I think we all cry out for vengeance and want an answer to curb the escalating violence we see around us. If we were to all come together and vow non-violence, it would be a perfect situation – heavenly. But, the fact is, we live in a fallen world. The only one we have control over is ourselves. And we can choose every day to be non-violent, to be kind. That is what I will strive for.

I Found God today in a reflection about non-violence.

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