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Young Hero

My mom and I went to the monthly Parkinson’s Support group this morning and sat with some people we had not met before. That is part of the beauty of the group. While the people experience the same disease, it plays out a little differently in each. It is interesting and enjoyable talking to, learning from, and being encouraged by others. One of the ladies told us about her grandson who is now 7 years old. He is celebrating 1 year of being cancer free. His symptoms started as a pain in his knee. His mother chalked it up to growing pains. But when he was in too much pain to get up one morning, his mom knew it was serious and took him to the doctor. He did an x-ray and sent them immediately to the children’s hospital. The boy had a massive tumor on his kneecap. He had bone cancer and ended up needing an amputation just above the knee. His is now awaiting a prosthetic leg. At just 6 years of age, the child made decisions for himself that would impact the rest of his life. According to the grandmother, he has remained cheerful and positive through the whole ordeal. He even nicknamed his leg, “shorty”. She said he is their hero and I could see her husband well up with tears. She said they are looking forward to having everyone together for Thanksgiving. It was a touching story.

I Found God today in a brave boy who is thought of as a hero.

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