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Fly Fishing

I got a message this morning from a friend telling me that her son was going to be on TV. I met the young man when he was in high school. Like all teenagers, he had his share of struggles. But he was determined not to let that rule his life. He made some tough decisions to chase his dream. He always enjoyed fishing and was very good at it. As he followed his passion for the sport, he made his way north to Alaska where he eventually landed a job as a guide. People from all around the world visit Alaska during the infamous salmon run. This young man became an expert in the field and brings tourists into the Alaskan wilderness to fish the rivers. When Jeff Corwin and crew came to the area, the young man was chosen to bring them fly fishing. He was featured on the show, “Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin: Sitka: Talons, Tails, and Fins”.  My parents and I watched the program this morning. It was exciting to see the young man in his element. I could see how much love and respect he had for nature. By the end of his segment, I was in tears. I called his mom and we talked about what a blessing it is that he never gave up. He overcame many hurdles and persevered in following his dream. Now he is able to share his knowledge and joy with many people.

I Found God today seeing the result of a persevering young man.

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