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Coloring Book

Quite a while ago, my sister and I bought a couple of coloring books and some colored pencils. We thought it would be a good activity for my mom and anyone else in the house since we heard it is supposed to be relaxing. I looked at the pictures to decide which one I wanted to begin and quickly became overwhelmed. Sounds funny, maybe, but the pages are full of lines, circles, curves, and other shapes with what could be a picture hidden in there somewhere. I finally just decided to start at the beginning, being the orderly person that I am. I got out the pink pencil and just started coloring what looked like flowers. As I continued, I was able to see more of the picture and could plan out a little more how I wanted to proceed. After a couple of days working on it from time to time, the book got put away. Yesterday I decided to sit down and take some “me time”, and got the book out. I worked on my picture for a bit and completed it today. The finished product displayed the bird on a branch with many leaves surrounded by flowers. As I was finishing the picture, it dawned on me how it was similar to my life. Most of the time, I can’t see the big picture. Things can feel chaotic and I get easily overwhelmed. But when that happens, if I can just begin by doing something, eventually it will come together. Hopefully if I choose the right colors, it will end up being something beautiful. Going a step further, it is like faith and my relationship with God. I feel like I can see even less of the big picture. There are so many twists and turns and events that don’t even seem to make sense. But if I can just choose wisely -faithfully- and take care of each part as it comes up, God has promised that each piece will fit in perfectly and it will be beautiful in the end.

I Found God today completing a beautiful picture and contemplating on the beauty that came from seeming chaos.

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