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Push Past Fear

My son traveled to England for business a couple of weeks ago and was able to visit London while he was there. He came over tonight and told us all about it. He did his best to pack in as many sites as he could. After one particularly busy day, he was resting in his room trying to decide what to do that night. He came upon an opportunity to do a pub crawl and experience some of the night life. But he was by himself and that would really be going outside of his comfort zone. As he was going through videos and such, he came across the topic of pushing past fear and living life. It included a quote by Will Smith, “God placed the best things on the other side of terror, on the other side of fear are the best things in life.” Immediately he signed up for the crawl while he was feeling courageous. That night, he met people from all over the world and had a wonderful time. He even met up with some of them the next day. He said participating in the crawl was the best decision he made while he was in London. This may be a small example of what is possible when we don’t allow fear to hold us back, but it is something my son certainly won’t forget.

I Found God today in a reminder to push through fear to experience life.

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