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God’s Grace in the Empty Space

I have been wanting to get to the Sacrament of Reconciliation during this Advent season. However, time is limited, there is a lot to do, and I kept forgetting. But the other day, I read about the experience of a good friend who went to the Sacrament. He wrote in part,

“I feel so uplifted, unburdened, inspired, and thankful after such confession and absolution, inspired by my “penance”. I feel a little sorry for non-Catholics of the world, as the pure joy, happiness, purity and lightness of heart, mind, and soul is overwhelming. My Catholic friends know what I’m talking about. For my non-Catholic friends, I hope that your religion, spirituality, or moral/life compass somehow allows for such unburdening of the heaviness weighing you down in your life.”

I do know what he is talking about and I was bound and determined to make it to Confession. I was happy to be able to go tonight. My experience wasn’t quite as overwhelming as it seems my friend’s was. But as I prayed, I felt “lighter”. As I continued contemplating, I realized my sins were gone, so of course there would be a release of a burden. And was is to happen to that now empty space? It is filled with God’s grace, which is a lot easier to carry.

I Found God today celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

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