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Music Soothes the Soul

My brother’s dog is terrified of thunder. Unfortunately, we have been getting thunderstorms every afternoon recently. Today she came down in my room with me and shivered as I tried to soothe her. I put on some relaxing classical music which seemed to help. After a while, my brother tried to get her to take a walk which she would have none of. Everyone was upstairs by this time and my mother took over trying to calm the poor terrified dog. She said she wished there was something she could do to help. I told her about the music, so she headed to the piano. After a song or two, the shaking dog started to calm down. Then she went over close to the piano and laid down, ready to listen to the rest of her concert. My mother obliged. By the time my mom was played out, the dog was almost back to normal. The music did in fact soothe the beast.

In Found God today as music soothed the terrified dog.

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