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Surprise Wedding Party

I love the water aerobics class that I go to. It is a great workout. But also the people are super nice and thoughtful. One of the young lifeguards got married recently but did not have a big ceremony, or a shower, or a party of any kind. My aerobics instructor suggested having a party for them and we all agreed it was a great idea. She talked to the new groom and set it up for him to come and really surprise the young woman. She wanted to make it a special time for them. We had the party this morning after our class. Everyone pitched in with decorations, food, a cake, cards and gifts, and wedding favors. My mom let us borrow her one of a kind silver punch bowl to make it even a little more fancy. The young couple have been having a string of bad things happening to them, so the party was timely. They were so cute as they cut the cake and fed it to each other. The new bride was very surprised to see her husband there. Both of them were so appreciative.

I Found God today in thoughtful people and appreciative newly weds.

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