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Help at the Nursery

We seemed to finally have a string of nice weather, so today my mom and I decided to go to the plant nursery. I think half the city decided to do the same thing as the place was packed with people looking for flowers, seedlings, vegetable starters, and everything a person needs to garden. Luckily my mom and I were able to make our way through the narrow, stony aisles in the greenhouse. My mom found the perfect geranium, which she gets every year. I got a variety of flowers to put in the pots outside near the front stairs. We made our way to check out and found a very long line. I spotted a table with some chairs and told my mom she could sit there while I waited in the line. Before my mom could head over, the man at the end of the line asked his daughter to go and get the chair. She brought it over and the man set it in a good spot for my mom to take a rest. I took my place behind him. I chatted a bit with the man and his daughter and after a couple of minutes, he took the box I was holding with all the plants. He carried them until we reached the check out counter. It is so nice when people try to make accommodations for my mom and a pleasant surprise when someone offers to help me too.

I Found God today in a very thoughtful and helpful man.

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