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Sun and Holy Spirit

Today is Pentecost. In church, the priest talked about how the Holy Spirit can help any and all people who ask. He compared it to the sun. When I go outside, I love the warm sun on my face. When my mom and I walk and the sun is shining, she always comments on how wonderful it feels. We enjoy the warmth on a very personal level. At the same time, we all reap the benefits of the sun collectively through the life it brings to our world. And as the sun shares it’s elements with us, it does not detract from it’s essence. So it is with the Holy Spirit. On a very personal and individual level, we have the ability to enjoy the fruits of the Holy Spirit such as kindness and patience, if we only ask. At the same time, the world reaps the benefits of those who share the goodness by allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them. And as the Spirit shares itself with us, it does not dwindle or decrease. I thought it was a beautiful analogy.

I Found God today in a beautiful analogy of the Holy Spirit.

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