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Facing Temptation

This morning I read the meditation from Dynamic Catholic, “Temptations will be with us for our entire life. However, their presence or absence is no indication of personal holiness; how we deal with them is.” Richard J Hauser, SJ. This quote really struck me on a couple different levels. First is the reminder that regardless of how “well” I think I am doing, temptations are going to continue to be with me. I shouldn’t be surprised or discouraged when it rears it’s ugly head. Instead, I should anticipate or even expect that I will be challenged. And second, that no one is excluded from this allure – even Jesus Himself was tempted. But Jesus also showed us how to deal with the issue. When He was tempted, He used the Word of God and prayer to remedy the situation. For me, that means I need to be educated in Scripture, know the truth of God’s promises, stand firm in faith, and ask God to help me find my way out. It’s a lot, so I will pray for the help to simply remember these things.

I Found God today in a reminder of how to deal with temptation.

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