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Angel of the Intersection

There was a big rainstorm here this afternoon and I got a notice that a certain intersection was flooded. My dad said he remembered that my mom had some incidents in that same intersection. Many, many years ago, my mom had all 5 of us kids in the car and had gone to the grocery store. On the way home, the car broke down and wouldn’t move. A young man saw what had happened and came up to the car to offer his assistance. He ended up putting everyone and all the groceries in his car and took us all home. Then, he went back and took care of the car. My mom doesn’t know exactly what he did, but the car ended up at a garage near the breakdown. My dad took care of it from there. Another time in the winter, the roads were a sheet of ice. My mom was driving kids to school and neared the same intersection. The traffic light turned yellow and my mom tried to stop. However, the car was just sliding, heading straight into the intersection. The light turned red. Suddenly, the light turned back to green and my mom just went right on through. It seems she has had a special angel looking after her especially at this particular intersection.

I Found God today in divine intervention to keep my mom – and us kids – safe.

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