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Zoo Day

Today was the last day the zoo was offering half price admission for military families. We talked about going all week. My dad had projects to work on at home, but my mom was excited to go and had good energy. So, I made lunch for my dad, and packed a lunch for my mom and myself. I also packed up the transport wheelchair and lots of water before we headed out. There were many people who took advantage of the offer. Most of them were moms with small children. My mom mapped out the places she wanted to visit to see the animals she wanted to see, knowing that we would not be able to get through the whole zoo. The weather was absolutely perfect. Our first stop was the giraffes where we saw the baby that was born a couple of months ago. My mom passed on feeding them, but we had fun watching all the kids scream and laugh as the giraffes stuck out their long sticky tongues to grab the pieces of lettuce. From there we went on, up and down some pretty steep hills. My mom walked some and rode some. At one point we stopped to rest and my mom remembered the deep fried oreos that we had last time we visited. I obliged and we were joined by a mom with her 3 kids. We compared our deep fried oreos to their funnel cake and talked about their pets. We completed our zoo journey with the gorillas. At the time we were leaving, there was a huge amount of moms and little ones on their way out as well. I commented how we are all on the same schedule – get places early, eat lunch, and get home early to take a nap. It was a great outing and I was so glad my mom had the energy and enjoyed the day.

I Found God today enjoying the day with my mom at the zoo.

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