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Oldest Family Birthday

Yesterday, my dad’s cousin celebrated his 95th birthday. My dad did some research and found that his cousin was the longest living person in the family for at least a couple hundred years – as far back as my dad has been able to investigate. We sent some cards and my dad included a note telling him of the historical birthday. The family members who were with him shared pictures and videos of the party. We saw him open the card that popped up a cake with candles that lit up while the song “Happy Birthday” played. He was pretty proud of having the oldest birthday in the family. My parents remembered some of the woodworking that he and his son did and got out a couple of the gifts they received. I took photos of those and passed them along. I think it is just great that we are able to connect so easily in fun and important events like this.

I Found God today being able to connect with far away family for a special celebration.

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