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Consolers in the Waiting Room

I took my dad to the hospital for a routine procedure today and had a long wait while he was being tended to. At first, the small waiting room was packed. There was one woman who seemed to be having a particularly difficult time. She was brought in a wheelchair by an attendant who made sure she was near the outlet so she could plug in her cell phone. After a couple of minutes, she started crying. She said she had lost her mother and hadn’t been able to grieve. The attendant who was still present giving her instructions for her procedure encouraged her and helped her calm down some before she left. After another few minutes, a woman walked in and sat in a chair. The woman in the wheelchair started crying again, this time harder. She told the other woman that her mother died and she just had a vision of her sitting in the same chair the woman chose. The woman consoled her best she could and before she left, she gave her a big hug. At one point the only people in the waiting room were the woman in the wheelchair and me. She told me also about loosing her mother and that she hadn’t seen her until she had a vision of her sitting in the chair. I expressed my sympathy and chatted with her for a while until new people came in. One woman, seeing how upset the other was, asked her how she could help her, what could she do for her. And so it went. During the time the woman in the wheelchair and I were waiting, several new and different people came in, consoled her and hugged her before they went on their way. It was something quite beautiful to witness.

I Found God today in many consolers.

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