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Learning About Learning

Last night I started back to my Bible class – year 2. It was good to see the people I met last year and hear what everyone did over the summer. As the teacher summarized the previous year and talked about what to look forward to, I was pleasantly surprised to realize how much I learned and retained. Today I saw pictures of my granddaughter who started her first year of preschool yesterday. She was grinning from ear to ear as she sported her backpack and freshly braided hair. Although I don’t really feel like an “old grandmother”, I thought about how the process of learning continues over a lifetime – or at least it should. My granddaughter was super excited to have some personal autonomy, to meet new friends, and to gain knowledge that will help her live her life. I felt the same way. I’m able to share my own thoughts at my class, I was looking forward to meeting the people in my new small group, and what I am learning about Christ is not only knowledge for my mind, but it is feeding my soul to help me live the rest of my life here and to gain eternal life once this one is passed.

I Found God today learning about learning.

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